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In the extreme south of Istria, 11 km

SE of Pula, the once fishermen's

village of Medulin is one of the most

famous tourist resorts of the

peninsula, a natural oasis of peace

and silence while offering all the

opportunities of a very dynamic



The Mediterranean climate of the

Medulin Bay makes it one of the

favourite training centres for football

players and other athletes in all



Tourism started here more than a

century ago and has rapidly

increased to the present

accommodation capacity of 20.000














































Medulin lies on the regional road

Pula-Pomer-Medulin-Liznjan so it can

easily be reached  by car from Trieste

and Pula has its own airport.


In the Medulin Bay is possible to

experience a low, sandy and well-

indented coast, an archipelago with

ten islets and the coastal

phenomenon known in Croatian as

"primošten" and "tombolo" in Italian.


Six grass football fields, track and

field facilities,  tennis, miniature golf,

bowling, boccia, beach volley,

surfing, yachting, horseback riding,

diving, water skiing, boats, beach

canoes, pedal boats, water scooters,

bicycles and motorbikes on rent:

yes, Medulin is indeed sports but also

disco, live music, dance, high quality

concerts, fish, meat and vegetarian














































With its depth of max 2.5 m the port

of Medulin is suitable only for smaller

vessels and the bay is protected.


The Izula Peninsula features the ruins

of a Roman country villa and antique

graves and prehistoric stone

fortifications can be seen on the hill

Vrcevan and Cape or Punta Kasteja.













































The nearby town of Pula preserves an

almost intact Roman amphitheatre, in

fact the sixth largest in the world and

certainly one of the most beautiful.


Istrian history goes back 3.000 years

and many have been ruling this land:

the Illyrian-Venetian Histri, the ancient

Romans, the Goths, the Lombards,

the Holy Roman Empire, the Republic

of Venice, Napoleon's Empire, the 

Austrian Empire, the Italian Kingdom

of Mussolini, Hitler's Germany and

Tito's Yugoslavia...


After the break-up of the Yugoslavian

Federation in 1991 Istria lies now in

three countries:

Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.






































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